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L’utilité de ce genre d’institutions est incontestable. Car le monde moderne est sans cesse confronté à des innovations, médicales ou autres, qui s’appliquent à l’homme ou à son environnement proche. Ce lieu est donc nécessaire pour préparer la matière intellectuelle qui sera ensuite transférée aux citoyens afin que ceux- ci puissent se prononcer quant à la légitimité de ces innovations.


Professeur Axel Kahn, le célèbre généticien français, lors de l’inauguration de la Fondation Brocher



La Fondation Brocher est une fondation de droit privé suisse à but non lucratif et reconnue d'intérêt public. Vos dons sont à ce titre déductibles fiscalement, selon les normes légales en vigueur.


12 - 14 novembre 2018

Applying Adaptive Governance to Emerging Technologies in Health


The emergence of ‘gateway’ technologies, such as 3D printing, gene-editing and induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSC) and digital technologies, have wide application within biomedical research and healthcare and raise challenging issues for regulators and policy makers. ‘Gateway’ technologies are comparatively simple to apply in experimental settings, have broad application, and offer advances over existing practices, which is resulting in simultaneous, rapid and far-reaching adoption in a range of sectors. Currently, we do not have uniform or effective governance mechanisms to support the translation of gateway technologies into practice or to deal with the complex social and ethical issues associated with their implementation. In other dynamic fields such as the environment, ‘adaptive’ governance is increasingly being seen as a way to respond effectively to the uncertainty, safety, social concerns, and risk calculations that often accompany the use of new technologies.  An ‘adaptive’ governance approach uses proactive and co-ordinated consultation and regulatory mechanisms to engage with multiple stakeholders about potential risks before, rather than after, crises are manifest. The purpose of this workshop is to explore how useful an adaptive governance approach might be for gateway technologies in health by bringing together experts in adaptive governance, regulation and health technologies.