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L’utilité de ce genre d’institutions est incontestable. Car le monde moderne est sans cesse confronté à des innovations, médicales ou autres, qui s’appliquent à l’homme ou à son environnement proche. Ce lieu est donc nécessaire pour préparer la matière intellectuelle qui sera ensuite transférée aux citoyens afin que ceux- ci puissent se prononcer quant à la légitimité de ces innovations.


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Hilde Stevens Hilde Stevens

Chair in Translational Medicine - Institute for Interdisciplinary Innovation in healthcare (I³h)


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Hilde Stevens, PhD, is senior researcher and lecturer at the I³h Institute (Université libre de Bruxelles, Belgium) and holds the Chair in Translational Medicine supported by the Fund Baillet Latour. Together with Prof. Michel Goldman, Academic Director of the I³h Institute, Hilde has set up the Interdisciplinary Program in Translational Medicine. This unique program is intended to provide the next generation of healthcare providers with an insight in the interdisciplinary skills needed to shape the future of medicine, to help them understand the respective roles of the different stakeholders in healthcare, and to offer unique opportunities to interact with experts and colleagues from a wide range of disciplines and environments. The program is directed to master students, PhD students, post-doctoral fellows and professionals having an interest in healthcare (

Hilde focuses her research on patient-centricity, collaborative innovation models, intellectual property (IP) and mechanisms governing access to medicines in the least developed countries (LDCs). Hilde particularly focuses on the governance and performance of public-private partnerships and their added value in the acceleration of innovative therapy development. It is her aim to define sound and robust bases for interdisciplinary patient-focused approaches to move collaborative innovation forward. To this end, Hilde is Education Officer in ENP Belgium, the Belgian Patient Platform, supported by EUPATI (European Patients’ Academy on Therapeutic Innovation). As Education Officer, she coordinates education activities, guarantees the quality and accuracy of the educational material as well as the independence of the provided material and activities and builds partnerships with the various stakeholders, focusing on patient education.

She holds a Master Degree in Biomedical Science (Ghent University, Belgium), a Master Degree in General Management (Vlerick Business School, Belgium), a Master Degree in Intellectual Property Law (Brussels University, Belgium) and a PhD in Biomedical Sciences from the University of Leuven (Belgium). Hilde worked as a science consultant and was a patent engineer for several years.