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L’utilité de ce genre d’institutions est incontestable. Car le monde moderne est sans cesse confronté à des innovations, médicales ou autres, qui s’appliquent à l’homme ou à son environnement proche. Ce lieu est donc nécessaire pour préparer la matière intellectuelle qui sera ensuite transférée aux citoyens afin que ceux- ci puissent se prononcer quant à la légitimité de ces innovations.


Professeur Axel Kahn, le célèbre généticien français, lors de l’inauguration de la Fondation Brocher


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Le Cycle Brocher organise de nombreuses conférences au cours de l'année. La plupart des conférences sont disponibles en podcast

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6 août 2019

Visiting Researchers Presentations

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09h30: Amaral Paulo, University of Cambridge, Research Associate, Biology


  • Beyond a Jungle of Dogmas: the history of junk DNA and RNA


09h50: Bélisle-Pipon Jean-Christophe, Petrie-Flom Center, Harvard Law School, Visiting 

             Researcher, Bioethics - Medical ethics


  • Pharmaceutical Marketing Ethics: Values, Ethical Guidance and Regulation of Pharmaceutical Direct-to-Consumer Communications


10h10: Branagan Lesley, ANavigating Uncertainty: Illness, Agency and Care in Urban India


10h30: Canca Cansu, AI Ethics Lab, Dr. - Founder, Philosophy 


  • Performance Arts and Professional Sports: Where is the moral limit?


10h50 - 11h05: coffee break


11h05: Chase Liana, SOAS, University of London, Doctoral candidate - Anthropology


  • Ethics and Politics of 'Task Shifting' in Global Mental Health


11h25: Hauskeller Christine, University of Exeter, UK, Professor, Philosophy & 

             Harrington Jean, Senior Associate Innovation Unit, Dr., Bioethics - Medical Ethics


  • Toward Harmonized Ethical Standards


11h45: Hopman Roos, University of Amsterdam, MSc., PhD student, Anthropology


  • Facing the unknown suspect: An inquiry into ‘the face’ generated through Forensic DNA Phenotyping


12h05: Lee Tsung-Ling, Center for biomedical ethics, Research Fellow, Law


  • Gene drives in the Global Age: Dual uses and the Rule of Law


12h05 - 13h30: Buffet lunch served by the Foundation in the Brocher Centre


13h30: Mitra Sayani, University Medical Center Goettingen, Postdoctoral Researcher, Sociology


  • Disruptive Embodiments: An ethnography of risks and failures during commercial surrogacy in India


13h50: Nyikuri Mary, Strathmore University, Doctoral Fellow, Anthropology


  • Nurses Perceptions about quality of inpatient care for sick newborns in Nairobi, Kenya


14h10: O’Donovan Orla, University College Cork, Dr. / College Lecturer - Sociology


  • The dead body as a medical commons?


14h30: Pacurari Nadia, University of Basel, Post-doc - Bioethics - Medical ethics


  • Facilitating decision making in end-of-life: A study in Swiss and Romanian pediatric oncology settings


14h50: Rehsmann Julia, University of Bern, University of Liverpool, PhD candidate, Research 

             Fellow, Anthropology


  • EPrec(ar)ious Live(r)s: An Anthropological Engagement with Failing Livers and the Promises of Transplant Medicine




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Inscription à l'événement

2019-08-06 - 2019-08-06

Visiting Researchers Presentations

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