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The Fondation Brocher is an essential player in this vital thinking process: one which will help make us aware of the real challenges in using our resources for maximum impact on the health of the people of the world.



Professor Daniel Wikler, Harvard University


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September 21, 2019

Symposium: Children's Rights in the Age of Biotechnology


To celebrate the 30 year anniversary of the Convention on the Rights of the Child, the Centre for Children's Rights Studies at the University of Geneva, Fondation Brocher, International Institute for the Rights of the Child and International Social Service in collaboration with the Committee on the Rights of the Child are organising a SYMPOSIUM: CHILDREN’S RIGHTS IN THE AGE OF BIOTECHNOLOGY

AM: prenatal testing and cryopreservation 

Prenatal genetic testing removes a cell sample from an embryo to screen it for genetic traits before implanting it into the womb. Whilst such screening may ensure that children at birth have more opportunities to have the highest standard of health, it may also lead to discrimination and invasive testing during the gestational period etc. 

Cryopreservation and related technologies can offer children the means to have a child when they are ready to do so. However in practice, it may likewise entail invasive medical procedures, need for informed consent and protection against possible exploitation when children are compliant donors of eggs and sperm for use by others, this can amount to the commodification of their bodies etc. 

PM: third party reproduction (surrogacy)

Inadequate regulation has resulted in the gradual development of an extensive international commercial surrogacy market, which paves the way to lucrative business opportunities and activities with a high degree of inherent risk of human rights abuses.  The UN Special Rapporteur on the Sale and Sexual Exploitation of Children in her 2018 report to Human Rights Council invites the international community to: 

Leading experts working will focus on issues that affect children, resulting in among other things, the need for international principles. Time for open questions and light refreshments will be available. 

(CRC Committee), (International Child Protection Consultant), (Program Director School of Human Services and Social Work), (Former Chief Justice of Family Court of Australia),  (Associate law professor Maastricht University) .

Limited Places available | Please register by 26 July