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The Fondation Brocher is an essential player in this vital thinking process: one which will help make us aware of the real challenges in using our resources for maximum impact on the health of the people of the world.



Professor Daniel Wikler, Harvard University


The Brocher Foundation is a Swiss non-profit private foundation  recognized of public interest. Your donations are tax deductible according to the regulations in force.

Visiting researchers

Marjolaine Doumergue Marjolaine Doumergue

Gamete donation in the UK and France: a comparative study
 Detailed profile

Julia el Mecky Julia el Mecky

Variants of uncertain significance and incidental findings: Patients' and healthcare professionals' experiences and social & ethical dilemmas in the context of new genetic technologies
 Detailed profile

Cristina Hanganu-Bresch Cristina Hanganu-Bresch

Bioethics - Medical ethics

Eating Right: Between obsession and ethics. Culture wars around orthorexia and veganism
 Detailed profile

Tereza Hendl Tereza Hendl

Responsible innovation with autologous adult stem cells: a global perspective
 Detailed profile

Felicitas Sofia Holzer Felicitas Sofia Holzer

Addressing host countries and communities fairly in international health research
 Detailed profile

Ulf Schmidt Ulf Schmidt

Law, Bioethics - Medical ethics, Medicine, History of Medecine

Human Research Ethics and the Declaration of Helsinki, 1964-2014
 Detailed profile

Anna Suman Anna Suman

Law, Science and technology studies, Political Science, Sociology

Sensing the risk: How Citizen Sensing may transform the governance environmental risk to public health
 Detailed profile

malcolm voyce malcolm voyce

Organ Transplants and Buddhist Approaches to Death
 Detailed profile